Past, Present and Future Growth

The completion of the new International airport in Praya and extensive government investment in roads, utilities and telecommunications mean that Lombok is poised to experience one of South East Asia’s most explosive development booms in recent memory.

2013 saw an astonishing increase of 137% in international arrivals over the previous year and current data for 2014 indicates that this extraordinary trend will surpass the gains of 2013. Lombok is truly poised to take centre stage as the next tourism and investment hot spot in the region, with land prices in the more desirable beachfront locations in the South of Lombok already experiencing year-on-year increases of 100% per annum. And while prices still remain competitive, there is little doubt that the right time to invest is now.

Our Dedication to Your Investment

Our team has gone to great lengths to create not only a superior resort, but an excellent investment opportunity as well. The Galeri Beach Resort & Residences is the product of years of meticulous planning, research and due diligence by industry professionals. Their work has culminated in a superior lifestyle experience that will not only provide many years of personal enjoyment to our investors, but significant capital growth that leverages the inherent value-add of a five star luxury resort.

Peace of Mind

With an unparalleled resort lifestyle offering that boasts superior design, execution and service as well as numerous hassle-free ownership models, you may be rest assured that The Galeri Beach Resort & Residences offers discerning investors with a superbly managed asset that will deliver highly attractive returns.


The Galeri Beach Resort And Residences are pleased to offer a wide selection of Villa Models and Ownership Structures that meet the lifestyle and investment profile of the modern- day investor, even those who seek to minimize the expense and responsibilities inherent in owning a luxury resort property.

Flexible Ownership Models

We realize that your schedule can be unpredictable. That’s why we offer the best flexible owner-use programmes ever devised, letting you enjoy your investment however and whenever you want, with no blackout periods.

Online Investor Portal

With a dedicated online Owner Use portal, investors may also enjoy seamless, priority access to make their bookings.

Family and Friends Initiative

Our Family and Friends Initiative allows you to identify immediate family members who will be eligible to use any numbers of your days. What’s more, you may also hook up your closest friends who may use your unused owner periods at significant discounts over standard resort rack rates. All of the Resort's amenities are accessible to our Villa owners, their families and their friends, who may also qualify to receive an exclusive loyalty card for discounts throughout the resort.

Shared Rental-Income Pool

Based on their investment, all investors will realise annual investment returns through a shared rental-pool income structure.

Dedicated Management and Maintenance

To ensure absolute peace of mind, hassle-free ownership and excellent returns, The Galeri Beach Resort & Residences Management team also provides villa owners dedicated resort management and maintenance expertise.

The Galeri-  chart

Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership, also known as Fractional Ownership, is an investment model for those whose lifestyle or investment portfolios are not suited to the Whole Ownership model, yet still desire luxury resort ownership living at a fraction of the cost. Shared Ownership allows investors to buy and own either a 1/6 or 1/4 share, depending on the model chosen, in any one of our exciting villas in the Resort Collection. For investors seeking vacation and investment properties with all the same benefits of Whole Ownership, it is a highly sought after investment option. Investors may sell their asset at any time, share their property with our unique Family and Friends programme as well as enjoy annual rental income returns.

They may also enjoy unrestricted access to all of the resort's amenities and enjoy their owner-use period at any time, with no black out restrictions. Simply put, it provides them with the hassle-free ownership of a property that is fully furnished, equipped, maintained and managed by The Galeri Beach Resort & Residences management team, letting them simply sit back and reap well-deserved rewards at a fraction of the cost of Whole Ownership.

Whole Ownership

Whole Ownership provides investors with the opportunity to acquire full ownership of any of our Resort or Luxury Residence Collection of villas, thereby maximizing their capital returns and share of the resort's annual rental income. Investors may sell their asset at any time to realize their capital appreciation. Whole Ownership also allows for a more generous owner-use period, recognizing those privileged few whose lifestyle enables them to escape to their dream getaway - more often and for extended periods of time - with no black out periods.

Whole Ownership in any one of our villa collections also allows purchasers to share their dream vacation property with family and friends, which is why The Galeri Beach Resort & Residences are proud to offer investors our unique and flexible Family And Friends programme at the time of purchase.

HGB Title

HGB Titles are available to Indonesian citizens and to foreigners via PMA company structures who wish to procure Whole Ownership in our Resort and Luxury Residence Collections. For those investors who wish to pursue HGB titles, The Galeri Beach Resort & Residence management team will assist you with your purchase.

HGB titles provide investors all of the same excellent benefits of ownership as our other ownership models.