The rich cultural mosaic of Indonesia is matched only by the extraordinary diversity of its geography. The Galeri Beach Resort & Residences seeks to honour this strong sense of place and life - to capture the allure and magic that is Indonesia’s hallmark and signature.

Our masterplan is conceived as a collection of intimate villages that share their name with exotic Indonesian islands such as Komodo, Java and Sumatra, while our villa models honour the nation's cities and the villages of Lombok. Each name is unique, and seeks to tell the story of an ancient, beautiful way of life. Our Residence Collection plots are islands of luxury, sanctuaries that are inspired by the jewels of the Gilis - an Indonesian word for island - that dot the beautiful coastline of Lombok.

Our tranquil yet vibrant lifestyle resort community is designed to allow you to enjoy your luxurious villa, a breathtaking array of amenities and the host of wonders contained within this incredible country.